Pioneering Business Value in the Pacific Rim

JMP is an Okinawan trading company that boldly deploys the world\'s useful resources to create new business value.

JMP is accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Integrated management of overseas factory research, selection, manufacturing, trading, and delivery. We realize low cost.

Covers import/export trade, OEM/ODM, and general international business

We provide professional support for our clients\' businesses in the changing international environment.

Overseas affiliated factories enable manufacturing in a wide range of fields

Local representative manages quality and operating conditions. We strive to improve the environment on a daily basis.

From Okinawa, Gateway to Asia to Pacific Rim Countries

JMP has built a reliable business network centered on ASEAN countries and East Asia.
Trusted business network, centering on ASEAN countries and East Asia, promotes our customers\' overseas transactions in a detailed and powerful manner.



Overseas manufacturing base operations

JMP dares not to own its own factories. We emphasize and have established a stable and flexible base and manufacturing system with multiple contract and cooperative factories, which has been cultivated through our overseas business network and long years of experience.


How to do business with customers

We fully utilize the functions of a trading company to provide one-stop support for your business. We reduce costs and ensure quality by centrally managing everything from overseas factory research and selection to manufacturing, trading, and delivery.


Our Business Vision

Okinawa is the gateway between Asia and Japan. Okinawa's historical and cultural DNA, cultivated through trade with Asian countries since ancient times, and its geopolitical position. If Okinawa can fulfill its potential, it will be able to play a more important role in this complex world.